Care Policy

Contact Hours

Monday to Friday Ph: 08 6255 8222
9 am to 5 pm

Consultation Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9 am to 5 pm.
Yoga Therapy, Meditation and Therapy groups are by appointment.


We encourage time with your practitioner and regular visits to help us get to know you in good health. This helps us manage your health proactively and to identify health concerns before they become a problem.

We encourage Psychotherapy and Yoga Therapy for a period agreed by you when you are self-referred, and in agreement with your health professional whenever you are receiving concurrent care.
Our preferred means of communication for your first consultation is by telephone. This allows us to clarify your request, explain registration and give your appointment needs appropriate priority.
We prefer you to schedule your reviews with your practitioner before you leave the practice. If you need to reschedule you can use our website or call 08 6255 8222.

Acute Care and Telehealth and Acute Telehealth Care is available for registered patients. Call 08 6255 8222 for advice.

Prescriptions, Referrals and Results are matters for discussion in your regular Health Review. If you want to discuss treatment more urgently call or use our website to book a Treatment Review.


Your early action helps us monitor availability for more acute care when you or another patient needs care. If we know your booking is scheduled it also helps us monitor access for new patients. Please try to keep your scheduled time and reschedule at least seven days in advance so that your time can then be offered to another patient waiting to be seen. A cancellation fee is incurred for cancellations made within 72 business hours.

If you wish to cancel Acute Care or Acute Telehealth Care because you are well again call early in the day so that we can offer the time to another patient.


A registration fee is payable before your first consultation is scheduled. This is redeemable at your first consultation. Common fees are explained by our reception team, in our Tenets of Care Agreement signed by you before your first consultation and can be discussed at your first consultation and subsequent consultations. Fees are paid in full at the time of the consultation and where applicable Medicare Rebates are submitted by us if you are fully registered with Medicare.

Outside Normal Hours Care

If you have an emergency that cannot wait until our scheduled hours dial 000, go directly to hospital or see your concurrent general practitioner where this has been advised in your situation.


A consultation is required for any matter including the completion of documents. This allows enough time to be allocated to complete your request. Call 08 6255 8222 where clarification is required or use our website to schedule and reschedule agreed ongoing consultations.

If you call us in an emergency and require immediate medical care you may be advised call 000 or go directly to hospital. For matters that can wait until our scheduled hours our team will book the next available time during and contact your practitioner for confirmation or further instruction.

Health Promotion Activities

With your permission at first and subsequent consultations we may enrol you in government registers for recommended age specific screenings and investigations. In most instances arrangements are included in your regular reviews. We request that you act on this advice in a timely fashion so that we can maintain accurate records.
Your practitioner reviews your result and gives priority to abnormal results.

For normal results a no reply email is sent to you and discussion occurs at your next review.

For abnormal results an SMS is sent requesting you to book a treatment review usually within 7-10 days. Use our website or call 08 6255 8222 immediately to schedule a Treatment Review.
When your result is significantly abnormal we will contact you directly by phone.


Use an interpreter where you have special needs including those based on your cultural background. Please advise our team at the time of scheduling your first and subsequent consultations.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We place a high priority on privacy and confidentiality of your health information. We abide by the APP Privacy Policy. Your health information is stored securely within Halaxy Medical Software. For your protection and for our security we use CCTV in our foyer. Your information is confidential unless you authorize its release or if it is required by law.

Feedback and Improvement

Please ask us if you have any questions about our service and read 10 Tips for Safer Health Care.

Clinical Team

Dr Raymond Mullen Integrative Medicine       Jennifer Mullen Psychotherapy and Yoga Therapy


We are located at 2/124 Stirling Hwy, North Fremantle.
Access is by intercom at the front entrance at the time of your consultation.
Let our team know if you require disabled access or if you are attending with young children.
Otherwise please park on Coventry Parade or Pamment Street.  You can also park at North Leighton Beach Carpark 204 and walk the overpass to the front of the practice, and enjoy the cafe’s at Leighton beach after your consultation.