For Jennifer Psychotherapy is a listening, supporting and guiding partnership with you. It offers new ways to think about a problem, issue of concern and the opportunity to open the gateway to new choices, and new ways of being.

The goal of therapy is the art of giving you back to yourself in an environment that allows the slowing down and witnessing of yourself in your world. Sometimes it simply involves listening and attending to what wants to become known. It may also involve working creatively with new daily rituals, tools or practices, that are adaptable and easily integrated into your daily life.  It is often in making small day by day changes we strengthen our awareness and good choices in the future.

Your first consultation is 75 minutes.  This allows enough time to explore what brings you to therapy.  This may be a recent issue or life event, an ongoing issue or a wish for support through an illness.  All realms of your experience are considered including physical, energetic and mental health factors as we agree a path forward.  Jennifer may suggest concurrent health care and recommend the number and type of psychotherapy within her scope of practice.

It is common to complete between 3 to 6 for sessions for a specific issue and many people may choose to work for longer in order to make lasting changes. After initial sessions are completed clients are welcome to continue with a combination of individual Psychotherapy sessions and Yoga Therapy Group Sessions.

Yoga Therapy

Jennifer offers both individual and group sessions.

Yoga Therapy is focused on minimising suffering and enhancing awareness and joy in movement and in life.

Jennifer loves working with people who want to enjoy a combination of movement, breath and being.  She will help tailor your practice to your current health and lifestyle needs and is qualified to help with restoring health after injury, surgery and acute or chronic illness.

You are welcome to book an individual session with Jennifer with a view to joining our Yoga Therapy class.  Call 08 62558222 leave a message for either of us and we will help with booking.

Even if you already practice yoga or similar practices such as pilates, it is best to book a few private sessions with Jennifer in order to tailor your practice and set goals before attending our yoga therapy class.

The first session is 60 minutes and ongoing reviews are 45 minutes.  These are helpful if you haven’t explored yoga before or when an injury, health condition or any disturbance has affected your capacity to breathe, move and be.

The Tuesday and Thursday Group class is self practice so you move at your own pace however most people love the opportunity to practice in community and build relationships.  Once you are in our group class or practicing from home you can book more individual sessions to refresh and recreate.

Jennifer works collaboratively with other health professionals to ensure interventions are complimentary and welcomes referral.